CBD bath bombs

The green ball initially reminds me of the color and smell of the good, old Ahoy woodruff shower. But the ingredients are, of course, completely different, as the packaging reveals. The CDB bath bombs have the magnificent power of relief and refreshment and what’s more important contains 100% organic essential oils and is composed of the following ingredients: clove, birch, rosemary, black pepper and coriander, cannabidiol, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, citric acid, Cornstarch, virgin olive oil and natural colors. Allegedly there are 25mg of pure CBD in the bath ball in the form of laboratory-tested, CO² extracted cannabis oil and CBD isolates.

The application is, of course, simple: fill the bathtub with warm water, unpack the bath ball and throw it in, watch as it dissolves bubbly and turns the water into a fragrant, green oasis. For an optimal effect, you should now relax about 30 minutes of his aching muscles and limbs in the tub.

What is a CBD bath bomb? 

CBD bath bomb is an ordinary bath bomb that has been fortified by CBD and optionally by adjunctive substances (which improve the absorption or the effect of CBD). CBD bath bombs are mainly used for the treatment of pain – for which the CBD bath bomb can be applied directly to the painful areas – and for the skincare and treatment of skin diseases.

CBD oil for the skin is absolutely satisfactory for your skin and body. However, as CBD can be absorbed through the skin (if it is a special formulation), the CBD bath bomb can also be used for other uses of CBD (and later we will see why the CBD bath bomb is often preferable to other forms).

How is CBD Skin Care & Cosmetics manufactured?

CBD bath bomb is made more or less like ordinary bath bombs. Because bath bombs are fat-based and CBD is fat-soluble, it is easy to incorporate CBD into a bath bomb. The CBD is usually obtained by extraction from female hemp plants (but can also be prepared by synthesis).

In addition to CBD, CBD bath bomb contains common ingredients of bath bombs such as triglycerides, fragrances and vegetable oils and fats (eg cocoa butter, olive oil, and almond oil). In addition, other adjuvants may be included which enhance the uptake or action of the CBD. These include curcumin (a substance from the spice turmeric), vitamin A (retinol) and berberine. Effect of CBD face bath bomb and body lotion is really perfect.

CBD bath bomb benefits

In contrast to orally ingested preparations, CBD is absorbed directly from the face bath bombs, balms and body lotions through the skin. However, a distinction should be made between ordinary topical CBD bath bombs and transdermal CBD bath bomb.

Does cbd bath bomb work?

Our skin is a barrier to many substances, so that, for example, bath bombs are not absorbed into the bloodstream. Of course, in the most situations, this is the desired function of the skin. Without this protective function, we would otherwise absorb many toxins, bacteria and other unwanted substances directly through the skin. However, if we want to take a substance specifically through our skin – and later we look at why that makes sense under certain circumstances – then this functioning of the skin is, of course,  a hindrance.

And this is exactly where transdermal CBD bath  bombs come into play: “Transdermal” is derived from the Latin word “trans” (“through”) and the Greek word “derma” (“skin”). Transdermal can therefore be translated as “permeable to the skin”.

The best cbd bath bombs 2019

If the skin is the target of CBD treatment then an ordinary bath bomb can be used (and maybe the recommended dosage form). However, if the CBD is to work throughout the body, then either a transdermal CBD bath bomb or other dosage form is needed.

The exact mode of action of CBD itself is still unknown and an active focus of scientists. We know so far that CBD affects the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, but not the exact mode of action. CBD is also an antagonist for the G-protein coupled receptor GPR55 (although the role of this receptor has not yet been elucidated by scientists). 

CBD has an immunosuppressive effect, which helps CBD to relieve problems and diseases caused by an overactive immune system or inflammation. Neuroprotective effects of CBD (ie a protective effect on the brain) are currently being actively researched by scientists.

More about the effect of CBD in our scientific article.

In which conditions can the CBD bath bomb help?

As mentioned in the last section, CBD is actively explored and the exact mode of action is still unknown. What is known are situations and problems for which CBD is successfully used. And that is exactly what we are dealing with within this section.

Since transdermal CBD bath bombs and ordinary topical CBD bath bombs have different effects, this section is divided into two subsections:

CBD  bath bomb

The unique composition of the bath salt, in combination with the hemp oil, the skin is naturally revitalized and revitalized. Fatigue and stress disappear. The regenerative herbal bath contributes to the greater physical effort to relaxation and the feeling of tired legs disappears.

Use: Add 1 to 2 handfuls of salt to the warm bath for relaxation and recovery of the organism. To soften the cornea of the legs, put a handful of salt in the foot basin with warm water. The recommended bath time is about 20 minutes.

CBD balsam 

A mild BALSAM quality hemp seed oil for effective care contains dry, chapped and sensitive skin. This balm promotes the regeneration and moisture of the skin, soothes and protects it from the adverse effects of the environment. Application: Apply to dry skin after sunbathing or swimming.

CBD Shower gel and bomb

Shower gel and bomb for the perfect hygiene of the entire body including the hair. When washed, it produces an immediate cooling effect and an intense feeling of hygiene. It contains high-quality oil from cannabis seeds, which acts as a natural emollient, has excellent endemic properties and reduces the effect of washing substances on the skin. The menthol contributes to a fragrant cleansing of the skin and gives the preparation of the feeling of intense effect and icy freshness.

Application: Put a portion of the moist body and rinse it off after washing with water.    Heading 

Modern shower gel and CBD bomb

Modern shower gel and CBD bomb with a cool effect for high-quality hygiene. It is suitable for the regular washing of the entire body including the hair, v.a. after exercise or physical activity, and when tired. It contains high-quality oil from cannabis seeds, which acts as a natural emollient and softens the effect of the washing substances on the skin. The Menthol provides a suitable cooling effect of the preparation and contributes to the perfect feeling of freshness, purity and pleasant scent after washing.

Application: Put a portion of the moist body and rinse it off after washing with water.    

Where to buy CBD bath bombs?

After that, think about what exactly you want to buy a CBD bath bomb for. As an all-rounder, transdermal CBD bath bombs or ointments are recommended as they are suitable for topical and systemic applications. Frequently, there are CBD bath bombs specially formulated for specific applications – for example, CBD bath bombs for facial care, the treatment of pain and the treatment of certain skin diseases.